Our Values



Quality.  Community.  Environmental Respect.

We are dedicated to finding you the best quality products from the cleanest sources.  We do our best to take care of our customers, our staff, our local community, and our global family.  And we love to give back!


By shopping here, you've helped us:

  1. Retrofit the store with high-efficiency LED lighting
  2. Offer fulfilling employment to 20 staff including access to benefits for full-time staff.  Our average length of employment is 12 YEARS!
  3. Donate $2000 to the Ignatius Old Growth Forest Project
  4. Swear off of plastic shopping bags (and we've never looked back!)
  5. Sponsor local arts & music events like Vegfest, The 2 Rivers Festival, The Resilience Festival, & Kazoo Fest
  6. Sponsor the Guelph Organic Conference every year since 1998
  7. Donate healthy food to HOPE House each week as a "Giver of Hope"
  8. Support our Fair Trade partners across the world, helping to alleviate poverty
  9. Donate $500 to the Yorklands Green Hub project
  10. Act as a community leader in the #ZeroWaste movement

And there's more to come! 

Thank you for all your years of support.