The Stone Store has always made efforts to reduce our waste and was actually CREATED in part because Guelphites were looking for products without plastic packaging.  In the old days, the owners of the store would make the trek to Toronto and buy bulk tofu in pails, cut giant slabs of halva (a sesame-based treat) by hand, and haul wheels of cheese down to Suffolk Street.


It takes extra work as a store to provide zero-waste options.  Researching suppliers, collecting returnable milk bottles and devising ways to sell bulk products takes time & space, but these efforts are an integral part of what we do.


Given the alarming quantity of plastic threatening ecosystems worldwide, we are thrilled with the growing interest in the "zero-waste" movement and want to help you reduce your waste as we reduce ours. When you buy our zero-waste products, it helps us expand our offerings and support eco-conscious suppliers.



10 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Waste:


1. Buy goods in returnable bottles

We offer milk, yogurt and fresh juice in returnable bottles.  When you return the bottle, you receive your deposit back, and the bottle is sent back to the facility to be sterilized and refilled.  This process is much less energy intensive than recycling or producing new bottles.


2. Refill with bulk cleaning products

We currently offer bulk dish soap, laundry detergent, cleaning vinegar, & dish tabs.  You can refill your own containers from our refill stations, or buy the whole 10L box for extra savings.  Refilling your containers saves about 20 plastic bottles per box!


3. Bring a jar for Bulk Spices & Tea

We offer a wide range of high quality spices, teas (including green tea, nettle & raspberry leaf), salt & pepper, kelp granules, baking supplies & more!  Just grab spoon and fill your own jar or a paper bag.


4. Choose Biodegradable Materials

We carry a variety of beautiful, durable scrubbers made of wood and plant fibres, without any plastic packaging.